The Phenome 2017 conference will bring together a multidisciplinary audience comprising engineers, plant biologists, agronomists, computer scientists, and representatives from U.S. federal agencies. The goals are to share information, ideas, and connections in a rich and diverse networking environment that is intended to foster collaboration, innovation, and the initiation of multi-investigator and multi-institution projects. Phenome 2017 will also serve as a platform to generate greater understanding about plants and climate change. The conference will bring together preeminent speakers from Asia, Europe, and North America.


Collaborations between biologists and computational and information scientists are already redefining the frontiers in the understanding of plant function. Additionally, the participation of chemists, mathematicians, engineers, geologists, physicists, and meteorologists, among others, will be required to attain the goals outlined in The Decadal Vision. The need will drive the implementation of new training paradigms that blur disciplinary lines and prepare young scientists for a variety of career paths by building skills in agriculture, one of America’s most profitable export sectors, but the bioeconomy will rapidly grow beyond its traditional products of food, feed, fuel, and fiber. The Phenome 2017 conference, and the ones that follow, will be a step in the development of this important path of training and collaboration among disciplines that are poised to solve critical social issues. 


  Conference Highlights

  • Phenomic insights into quantitative traits
  • Emerging technologies for use in the field and controlled environments
  • Environmental stress responses in plants
  • Data tools and standards
  • Plasticity in plant traits
  • Modeling 
  • Metabolomics

  About the organizers


The National Plant Science Council established the Phenome 2017 conference as one of the outcomes of The Decadal Vision. The Decadal Vision calls for the implementation of new paradigms that blur disciplinary boundaries to fulfill the potential of the bioeconomy, which is poised to grow beyond its traditional products of food, feed, fuel, and fiber. 


  Phenome 2017 Steering Committee

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Carolyn J. Lawrence-Dill  
Iowa State University

Joshua Peschel  
University of Illinois

Oliver Fiehn  
University of California-Davis 

Christopher Topp 
Danforth Plant Science Center

Lloyd Sumner
University of Missouri

Sally Mackenzie  
University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Jesse Poland  
Kansas State University

Nathan Springer 
University of Minnesota

April Agee Carroll
Purdue University



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