The National Plant Science Council established the Phenome 2018 conference as one of the outcomes of The Decadal Vision. The Decadal Vision calls for the implementation of new paradigms that blur disciplinary boundaries to fulfill the potential of the bioeconomy, which is poised to grow beyond its traditional products of food, feed, fuel, and fiber. 

The North American Plant Phenotyping Network (NAPPN) is an association of researchers active in the scientific discipline of plant phenotyping, including developers and consumers of methods and technologies. NAPPN is connected to the global phenotyping community through the International Plant Phenotyping Network (IPPN) and its affiliates. 

Share your experience with us on social media using the hashtag #Phenome2018 and follow us at @PlantPhenomics! 


 Steering Committee

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Carolyn J. Lawrence-Dill  
Iowa State University

Joshua Peschel  
University of Illinois

Oliver Fiehn  
University of California-Davis 

Christopher Topp 
Danforth Plant Science Center

Lloyd Sumner
University of Missouri

Sally Mackenzie  
University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Jesse Poland  
Kansas State University

Nathan Springer 
University of Minnesota

April Agee Carroll
Purdue University